Our Classes

Catipillars: 2-3.5 yrs

At Playful Tots Learning Center, we understand that this may be your child’s first experience in a school setting, so one of our priorities is to create a warm and loving environment where your child will feel happy and comfortable. Our Caterpillar Class is designed to ease the transition to school, help your child become comfortable being away from his/her parent or caretaker, and also learn to move between specific tasks and activities.

Our Caterpillar Class encourages communication skills, which enables children to shift their play patterns away from parallel play to cooperative play. This class also gives children the opportunity to explore multiple areas at Playful Tots Learning Center, including the outdoor play area and indoor tumble room. We will also help your Caterpillar start the potty training process.


Butterfly Class: 3.5-5 yrs

In the Butterfly Class (pre-K/TK) our primary goal is to get your child socially, emotionally and academically prepared for Kindergarten. Our focus will be on introducing your child to age-appropriate reading skills, which include rhyming, phonics, and sight words. as well as making your child comfortable writing letters, numbers.

The Butterfly Class will also introduce your child to the amazing world of science and math in both fun and creative ways. The Butterfly Class will also continue to build your child’s confidence and skill set by developing social skills with peers and learning valuable leadership skills.